Before you decide what you are going to feed us you need to understand that our basic diet has always consisted of meat. We Siamese and Oriental cats are carnivores and we don’t really like vegetables and fruit. We also don’t like to eat one huge meal each day, we would much rather eat smaller meals often during the day.

If we are not 9 months old yet, we can also eat 3 or 4 wet/moist meals each day and from 9 months on we can eat 1 wet/moist meal a day. When we are kittens, if we eat the food you give us and then want more, it won’t hurt us for you to put some more food in the bowl. If we don’t eat it all though, please throw away any moist or semi moist food and germs breed in the food if it’s left out for too long. Our dry food can be left out longer though. Also, please don’t leave out your cat’s food out in the house where those horrible canines can get to them. Sometimes I go to my bowl looking for my dry food but the dog I live with ate it. Mum and dad now feed me on the top resting plate on my activity centre when the horrible dog can’t reach it.

The most popular and convenient method of feeding us in such a hectic world is commercial foods. Commercial foods comes in 3 types: dry, moist and semi moist. There are huge varieties such as fish, poultry and meat etc. Dry food is really great for our teeth but if you only feed us dry food though, you must always make sure there is plenty of water because dry food doesn’t have any water in it. The moist and semi moist foods can be fed as well as dry food. If your feline is a kitten then you should make sure that the commercial foods you feed him/her are designed for kittens and not adult or senior cats. You have to remember though to wash our bowls every time we have finished our meals.

Please always make sure that we have bowls of fresh water available all the time. We think commercial foods and bones with meat are the best way to feed us because we need our proteins, and fat, and carbohydrates and vitamins etc. to be balanced. It isn’t a good idea feed us on home made diets unless you know what you are doing. Every now and then we also love oily fish such as sardines or pilchards etc. to help keep our coats shiny. If your mum want to, she can also buy you some raw meat which is really very good for us. Every now and then mum and dad give me herrings or sardines as a treat. I would like it all the time but they tell me it’s too rich for me. I do think though that before you mum changes your diet, that she should go to her vets and ask them what they think is best for you and you don’t even have to go along as she would only be going there for feeding advice.