Tips To Keep Your Siamese or Oriental Safe In The Home

I hope that these tips will help you when dealing with your own cat/s.

If you MUST have delicate ornaments, stick them down with Blu Tack and hope for the best. by Sue
Make sure none of your indoor plants are poisonous to cats. by Sue
Antifreeze is deadly to cats so keep it locked safely away. by Sue
If you have pet fish, make sure that their tank has a cover. by Sue
Watch out for open windows, if you have an indoor cat. (Especially in the summer.) by Maureen
A house plant water spray is very effective for deterring bad behaviour! For example if in a mischievous moment the cats jump onto kitchen units etc often just a shake if the bottle is needed to ensure they get down! by Kirsty
Cover hobs after use until they cool down by Louise
Don’t combine cats and candles in the same room by Louise
Don’t leave kittens unsupervised with children by Kat
Make sure your new kitten is microchipped by Kat
Don’t leave wine glasses near pc for kitty to knock over by Kat
Put kitties food where dog can’t reach it by Kat
Carry a pet First Aid Kit in your car by Kat
Look out for cat when walking up or down stairs by Kat
Look out for cat when opening door by Kat
Never leave small animals’ cage doors open by Kat
Don’t let your cat walk on your keyboard by Kat
Never leave your bathroom door open whilst running a bath by Jayne
Put toilet seat down after you by Jayne
Never leave small objects ie. string, elastic bands, pins lying around by Jayne
Always check washing machines and tumble dryers before switching on by Jayne
Always check microwaves, cookers and fridge freezers before switching on by Jayne