Harness & Leash: Quite often it just isn’t feasible to build a cat run/enclosure in your garden. Perhaps you’re renting or maybe you live in a flat. If this is your situation, there is still no reason for your cats never to see the outside world. A simple and cheap alternative is a cat harness. They come in a lot of different styles and varieties but they all serve their purpose. Siamese cats can be trained to walk on a leash and a harness and quite a few of our members and their cats enjoy their daily walks.

My mum has a harness for me as sometimes she takes me on picnics and days out with her and dad and she knows that if I’m on my harness I can’t run away but I can still safely explore everything around me. It’s becoming more common now to see cats being walked on the pavement on in their gardens on a harness and leash.

Cat Run: Cat runs or cat enclosures really are an absolute must for indoor Siamese if you are in the situation to build or buy one. Even indoor cats never lose their basic hunting skills or their natural behaviour to be in the great outdoors exploring. Providing cat runs for your felines doesn’t have to be expensive. You can even make them yourself. You can buy kits designed for cat runs, or you can even purchase a cat enclosure complete with luxury house. It’s up to you how you want to do it or how much you want to pay. Prices vary greatly but they are so common now that it’s worthwhile to shop around. Our back door is open during the day and mum and dad built our cat run onto the back of our house so we can go in it during the day whenever we like. We love spending time out in the sunshine and it makes our life more interesting and much more fun.

Cat Coats
: This really only applies to those cats that are outdoors, or very short coated cats such as the Sphynx or Devon Rex, or perhaps those cats whose owners are “fashion snobs”. Coats for cats can be hard to find in the UK so you may have to do quite a bit of shopping around before you see one. They do come in different styles for outdoor weather, or fleece inside, or again, for those fashion snobs, there’s always the faux fur coat that can be custom made and costs a fortune. Let it be said that neither myself nor any of my Schimmel housemates would ever be seen dead in a cat coat, we much prefer our own beautiful, natural coat.