Litter tray: Now this is really important because if your cats are like me and they are indoor cats, they really need a litter tray. We learn how to use them easily and they need to be kept in the same place all the time. If you have an upstairs and downstairs then you really should put one upstairs as well.

There’s also heaps of cat litter choices available too, I know this because my mum and dad never ever buy the same one each week. Most of them are great though, some of them have odour neutralisers in them already. All you really have to do is cover the base of our litter tray and make sure there is enough litter for us to scratch around in. Also the main thing you have to do though, is clean out the soiled litter each day and you should disinfect and wash the tray at the very minimum, once a week. For two or more cats, daily washing is recommended. Please make sure you clean our litter trays regularly as well because we can’t flush like you humans do, so we rely on you to keep them clean. If our litter trays don’t get cleaned regularly then we may have to find a new tray, like your carpet and experience shows that this is never a popular choice. By the way, my mum always puts 2 sheets of newspaper on the base of my tray before she puts the litter down, she says it keeps the tray a bit cleaner.

Bowls: I have to say that I love my bowls because that’s where mum and dad put my food and I love my food. There are lots of different bowls around but most of them will suffice. There are plastic bowls, stainless steel bowls (these are great because they are so easy to clean), ceramic bowls, and aluminium bowls. If you have plastic bowls, you need to replace them once they get a lot of scratches on them because germs live in the scratch marks.You have to wash our bowls up every time we eat out of them too. I know you wash your own bowls because in my house, every night, the little human puts all their dirty bowls in water and they come out clean (well sometimes they do). You need to do the same with our bowls because we don’t want any germs or diseases either.

Scratch Posts: I think by now that all you humans have learnt that we Siamese have claws, because sometimes we accidentally scratch you. Now we need to keep our claws looking nice, just like your nails and we need to file them and this is what we use our scratching posts for. I have to say too that if you don’t buy us or make us a scratch post then we will scratch your sofas and carpet and you will have no one to blame but yourselves. Some scratch posts have fabric on them, some have carpet, some have sisal rope on them, some bolt to the wall, some stand on their own, some have balls hanging from them, they different sizes and shapes. We aren’t really that fussy though, we just need somewhere to scratch. If your cat hasn’t used one before then it’s really easy to teach them how. When you see them starting to scratch your furniture or carpet, then just pick them up, take them to the scratch post and place their claws on it. You have to do this every time for a little while though until they catch on.

Comb/Grooming Mitt: Even though I groom myself all the time, mum still grooms me with a comb and a grooming mitt a couple of times a week. It doesn’t take her long and I really love it. When you buy a comb, you need to make sure that it is designed for a short haired cat. Most combs have information on the back to tell you what breed of cat they are designed for.

Cat collar: Never recommended by myself or my mum. I must tell you that I don’t wear a cat collar because my mum doesn’t like collars, she says they rub on the fur around my neck and they can be deadly as some cats can get their collars caught on things and end up hanging themselves. Anyway, I’m indoors all the time so I definitely don’t need a collar. When mum and dad take me out, they put a harness and leash on me. Some collars have id tags on them so if you get lost then people can find your owners but I think microchipping is a much better form of id anyway. Now back to collars, there are a lot to choose from, some have bells, some are elastic, some are leather, some have studs or decorations on them and the list is endless. You have to remember though when you buy us a collar, it should be elasticised somewhere on the collar because if we are outside and get our collar caught on a tree branch, we might choke to death. If the collars have elastic on them then we can can pull ourselves out of them if we get stuck. You also need to make sure then you fit our collars on us, you must be able to put 2 fingers between the collar and our neck so that it is not too tight or too loose. Please don’t buy us any of those “fashionable” collars with jewels and silly decorations though as they make us look very undignified.

Travelling crate: My travel crate is important to me it keeps me really safe in the car and since dad’s driving can be scary at times then I need all the protection I can get. Travel crates can be made of plastic, cane, fibreglass, or wire. Some can be expensive but good quality ones will last a long time which is what you need. You must make sure that we can breathe in them so they need to have air vents. If it’s a long journey, we need to be comfortable so make sure that we can stand up and turn around in them. Please make sure that the doors close properly too because we don’t want to fall out while you are driving up the road, or when dad runs into something……again! My mum put a nice soft cushion in my crate and one of her jumpers so that I am really comfortable and my crate has a water container in it as well so I don’t get thirsty on the trip.

Bedding: I love somewhere warm and cosy to sleep and so do your cats. You can make your cats a bed out of a cardboard box with a blanket at the bottom of it or you can buy a cat bed which might be a little mat, a cane basket, a fabric hood, but we like to choose where we sleep. You can buy us as many beds as you like but if we want to sleep on the sofa, then we will anyway. Remember too, that we like to sleep off the floor and high up and we must be warm. Now for all my feline friends reading this, you need to train your owners so that you can sleep with them. For example, my mum and dad brought me a huge bed, king size in fact. Well they say it’s their bed but I know it’s really for me. Every night I just go upstairs with them and sleep in OUR bed, it’s warm and soft. If your owners don’t want you in their bed then just do what I do and refuse to get out.

Toys: There are so many different toys to buy that I won’t bother listing them. Some have mice on them, some are filled with catnip, there are balls, toys on string and toys on springs, there are tunnels and the list is endless. However you must remember that the toys don’t have small plastic parts on them that we can chew off and choke on. Almost any toys that you buy us will be appreciated but remember that we must prefer you playing with us with our toys. Please don’t just buy them for us and then leave us alone with them. My mum and dad brought me lots of toys but my favourite toy is dad’s sock. Mum and dad throw the sock to me and I chase it and catch it then bring it back to them. They think they are clever because they taught me to fetch. It’s me that’s clever because I taught them to throw it to me. I also love a screwed up piece of paper, this is great fun to bat around the house.